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Peter Pan Collars

18 Jul

The Row via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Forever 21


See by Chloe via Saks Fifth Avenue

Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom


Luminia via Etsy

I have always loved peter pan collars.  Lately I’ve seen them everywhere.  Here are some photos of cute peter pan collars.  The last two are my favorite because they are actually necklaces/detachable collars.  You can pair them with any blouse or dress to get an entirely new look!


Renegade Craft Fair: Jewelry

29 Jun


Upper Metal Class





The Harbinger Co.

Early Jewelry


Dapht Designs


Ayofemi Jewelry


Alana Douvros

I LOVE JEWELRY!  My addiction is a bit out of control, I’m actually running out of places to put all of my rings and necklaces.  I especially like handmade jewelry because it is so unique.  Sometimes I make my own, but its not nearly as good as any of these.  Here are just some of the vendors that will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles this July.  I’m so excited!  I honestly think I’ll have to bring a set amount of cash and leave my wallet in the car so that I don’t go overboard.  They have so many amazing artists and much much more.  Visit the Renegade website for more information.

Bracelet Stacking

28 Jun

Honestly WTF


Gem Gossip


Gem Gossip


Honestly WTF


Stacking bracelets and watches is a perfect way to add some personal flavor to an outfit.  You can never have too many.  These are pictures of bracelet stacks from Gem Gossip and Honestly WTF.   Honestly WTF has a few DIY bracelets that are pretty fun and easy.


Below are some accessories perfect for stacking.  You can combine as many as you want, mixing in different textures and colors.


Links of London


Links of London

Links of London via Bloomingdales

Ariel Gordon

Ariel Gordon Jewelry


Kitson via Asos



Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs via Shopbop