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Indian Palaces

23 Jul











I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing some traveling.  I looked through old photos that my sister and I took and found some of Indian palaces we visited some years back.  The architecture is amazing, inside and out.  I wish I had more photos of the small detailing inside.



21 Jul




After all this talk of China in the news, I looked through my old photos and found these.  Here are some photos from Shanghai that a friend of mine took a few years ago.  They really make me miss all the action of a big city.  I miss you Shanghai!

Sitting Poolside

2 Jul






All photos via Architectural Digest

It’s July, and the temperature is starting to rise.  It was so hot yesterday I kept dreaming of going for a cool dip in a nice pool.  I was also dreaming about the perfect bathing suit, cover-up, sandals, and sunglasses to wear to that beautiful pool (yes, it was a wonderful dream).  Here are photos from an article in Architectural Digest published about “bathing beauties”.  It is a collection of the most “luxurious private pools”, anywhere from California to Rio de Janeiro.

Beautiful Inspiration

14 Jun

I absolutely love the colors in these photographs.  They are from one of my favorite photography sites, The Big Picture.







These are photos of Hindus celebrating Holi, a religious holiday in the Spring.  These pictures make me: a) want to go to India and b) trade in my boring black/white/grey wardrobe for stuff with a little color.  I think its time to save up some serious cash for traveling and new clothes.

Montauk and Zara

12 Jun

My sister (the lucky one that always goes on vacation) just took a trip to Montauk.  The colors reminded me of Zara’s March/April/May 2011 lookbooks (  I love the blue, green, brown, and white combinations.  The outfits are simple, summery, and gorgeous.