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24 Jul




All photos via Beginners movie site

I just got back from seeing ‘Beginners’ – the movie was just ok, but I really liked the styling.  Melanie Laurent looks adorable in the entire movie, styled in pea coats, dresses with tights, and delicate jewelry (Ewan McGregor isn’t bad either).


A Girl’s Gotta Look Good…Right?

22 Jul

She takes this to a whole new level.  While in court today Lindsay Lohan claimed she is unable to continue with therapy for financial reasons.  Almost believable (seeing as how she hasn’t been in any movies recently)…but then you catch a glimpse of those shoes.

Those are 6 inch, $1,195, ‘Madame Butterfly’ Christian Louboutins!  Yes, you heard me right, almost $1,200!  The girl found a way to get her roots touched up and throw on a pair of thousand dollar heels for court (worth more than me life) but she can’t make it to counseling because she is too poor.  Man, this one really made me laugh…gotta love LA.

Forever C Bikes

9 Jul




Photos via CNNgo

Forever is a brand of bikes from China that started around 70 years ago.  Over the years they fell out of popularity due to their old style, but now they are back!  They are called Forever C bikes (‘C’ stands for Classic) and come in all different colors.  Forever C bikes are gaining popularity among Chinese and foreigners because of their cool retro style.  Its kind of similar to the reinvention of the Feiyue sneakers from China (see sneakers at Culture Matters site).  The last photo is a picture of my friends bike she just got, how awesome is that color?!