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Indian Palaces

23 Jul











I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing some traveling.  I looked through old photos that my sister and I took and found some of Indian palaces we visited some years back.  The architecture is amazing, inside and out.  I wish I had more photos of the small detailing inside.



21 Jul




After all this talk of China in the news, I looked through my old photos and found these.  Here are some photos from Shanghai that a friend of mine took a few years ago.  They really make me miss all the action of a big city.  I miss you Shanghai!

Sitting Poolside

2 Jul






All photos via Architectural Digest

It’s July, and the temperature is starting to rise.  It was so hot yesterday I kept dreaming of going for a cool dip in a nice pool.  I was also dreaming about the perfect bathing suit, cover-up, sandals, and sunglasses to wear to that beautiful pool (yes, it was a wonderful dream).  Here are photos from an article in Architectural Digest published about “bathing beauties”.  It is a collection of the most “luxurious private pools”, anywhere from California to Rio de Janeiro.

Beautiful Inspiration

14 Jun

I absolutely love the colors in these photographs.  They are from one of my favorite photography sites, The Big Picture.







These are photos of Hindus celebrating Holi, a religious holiday in the Spring.  These pictures make me: a) want to go to India and b) trade in my boring black/white/grey wardrobe for stuff with a little color.  I think its time to save up some serious cash for traveling and new clothes.

It’s about that time!

14 Jun

Summer…vacations…I found a great article with cute and stylish hotels.  Check it out:



Retro, modern, functional, beachy – just think of all the fun outfits you can put together!

This photo begs for a chic orange accessory, and I’m looking for the perfect item to update my summer look.  A bag maybe?



I think orange may be my new obsession.

Montauk and Zara

12 Jun

My sister (the lucky one that always goes on vacation) just took a trip to Montauk.  The colors reminded me of Zara’s March/April/May 2011 lookbooks (www.zara.com).  I love the blue, green, brown, and white combinations.  The outfits are simple, summery, and gorgeous.